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All it needs for evil to flourish is for people of good will to do nothing.- Edmund Burke

Whistleblowers Australia Inc. is an association for those who have exposed corruption or any form of malpractice, especially if they were then hindered or abused, and for those who are thinking of exposing it or who wish to support those who are doing so.


Dr Jean Lennane

Whistleblowers Australia is sad to announce the passing of Dr Jean Lennane, founding member and longtime president of Whistleblowers Australia. Jean passed away in Canberra on 18 September 2014 following a short illness.

A psychiatrist by profession, Jean became a whistleblower when she worked as director of drug and alcohol services at Rozelle Hospital in Sydney. She was sacked in 1990 for publicly criticising cuts to mental health and drug and alcohol services in the public health system. This experience led her to become involved in setting up the self-help organisation for whistleblowers that became Whistleblowers  Australia Inc (WBA).

Jean was enormously influential in shaping WBA. She worked tirelessly on providing practical support to whistleblowers, achieving social and legislative reform and in adding significantly to the body of academic research on the subject. In particular, her contributions to the understanding of the medical aspects of whistleblowing have been highly important. She was appalled by the abuse of psychiatry as a means of silencing, dismissing and punishing whistleblowers, and campaigned relentlessly within her profession to combat this.

Jean is survived by her sons Richard and James. If you wish to contact them, send email to jimbocool [AT] homemail [DOT] com [DOT] au.

A memorial service for Jean will be held at 3:00pm on Friday 17 October at the Balmain Town Hall and afterwards at the Sir William Wallace Hotel.

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